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Get ready for a pinnacle career experience at the Grid. 
As a part of our internship program or our Grad to Gridder Bootcamp (a program for new grads), you'll learn and grow at SendGrid in ways beyond expectation.

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SendGrid Programs

Grad to Gridder Program


In this three-month program, you’ll go through an in-depth onboarding with fellow recent graduates. You’ll work as a cohort, with guidance from our senior leaders, to learn our business and solve challenging problems.

Do You Qualify?

You must be enrolled as a student in your senior year or in a graduate program with plans to graduate in the Spring of 2019.

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University Internships

In this 90-day summer internship, you’ll be exposed to real world problems and work arm in arm with other Gridders on key projects that help you grow and make a real impact on our customers, code, products, and revenue.

Do You Qualify?

You must be enrolled as a student in your junior year or in a graduate program with plans to graduate in December 2019 or Spring 2020.

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Who We're Looking For

Do you have these traits and more? We’re interested in meeting you!


High Performer

You’ve distinguished yourself among your classmates as a top performer. You can be both a leader and a follower, stepping up when required while also giving space for others to lead and grow.



You’re hungry, yet humble and realize you don’t have all the answers and look to others for guidance, mentorship, and support.


Team Player

You share knowledge freely and help others succeed. You’re a strong team player and play your position well, yet are always willing to scribble outside the lines to get things done.


Great Communicator

You know how to listen and observe as well as speak when you have a strong point of view.


Problem Solver

You’re a problem solver and a critical thinker who is interested in making a difference to your team, our organization, and the world around you.

Having a cross-functional team of amazing friends was an incredible learning experience. Going forward, I know my team will have my back in their respective departments!
Sally Lee Grad to Gridder Bootcamp Associate
SendGrid is an amazing place to start your career. As a Grad to Gridder, I collaborated with a group of eager and motivated people on high-impact projects.
Anuj Shah Grad to Gridder Bootcamp Associate
I genuinely enjoy coming to work at SendGrid every day because it’s a place where I can learn from motivated, knowledgeable people who are passionate about their work.
Hannah Apuan Software Engineer, Previously a Software Engineering Intern
I have grown and learned so much over the course of the program by having the opportunity to work cross functionally with a diverse group of team members.
Jeremy Yang Grad to Gridder Bootcamp Associate
The Grad to Gridder program has been an incredible experience. The program is integral to my success moving forward and I cannot wait to see our finished project!
Koryn Delprince Grad to Gridder Bootcamp Associate
SendGrid has been the best decision of my career. Everyone in the company embodies the 4H’s and the sky is the limit with what you can accomplish.
Andres Chapiro DevOps Engineer, Previously a DevOps Engineering Intern

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ
How do I apply?
Check out our current postings. If we don’t have any posted at the moment, please check back in September.
When do you start hiring for your programs?
We hire in the fall for our programs that will begin the following summer.
I applied, but I haven’t heard back, should I apply again?
While we understand you’re eager to hear from us, and we appreciate your enthusiasm, please hold tight. We’ll be reviewing applications and will get back to you as soon as possible.
Grad to Gridder FAQ
When does the Grad to Gridder program start?
It starts in June. We ensure that the start date works for every participant’s graduation dates.
Is this a full-time role?
Yes, this is a full-time role. However, instead of doing our normal three-day onboarding, it’s a three-month long onboarding program with your fellow recent graduates. You’ll do a deep dive on all the areas of the business and work with senior leaders to complete a business-impacting project as a team. After the program, you’ll then enter into a regular full-time role in a specified department.
Can I apply to this program if I haven’t graduated yet?
Yes, if you’re a current senior or graduate student planning to graduate this coming spring, please apply!
Can I apply if I graduate in December and not in the spring?
Yes, if you graduated in December, feel free to apply to this program. However, this program is not meant for individuals with years of work experience.
Interns FAQ
When does the internship start?
Our internship program has start dates in both May and June. We’ll choose the start date that works best with your school end date.
Are your internships paid?
Do you give full-time offers to your interns after the program?
Yes. We’re looking for great future Gridders and if you excel in your internship and are assessed as someone who would make an awesome addition to our team, there is potential for a full-time offer when you graduate. You’ll also have the opportunity to apply for our Grad to Gridder Bootcamp.
Can I apply to the Internship program if I do not have a US work authorization?
No, we require that you have a US work authorization.
What benefits do I receive as an intern?
We provide you with a competitive wage and free lunch every day. Plus, you can enjoy our fully stocked kitchens!
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