We just “fell back” for Daylight savings; Halloween has come and gone and now our minds are drifting toward the holiday season. With all this, comes the cold weather.

Nothing will keep a developer warm like bundling up with a laptop and the Badass Developer Package from AppSumo … so get it while it lasts!

We are really excited that Noah at AppSumo was able to assemble such an awesome collection of tools for developers. It’s easy to feel at home with some familiar faces like Heroku and Twilio, and we are fortunate to be complemented by so many other valuable products and services:  Linode, Recurly, Hoptoad, New Relic, MongoHQ, Saucelabs, and Infochimps.

Check out the deal you can get on a new or upgraded SendGrid Plan – you may notice that this is a lot of bang for 47 bucks. If you’ve been wanting to offload your email needs to someone you can trust, you should take advantage of this deal on our most popular email plan. Not to mention all the other useful tools you’ll get along with our email solution.

As of press time, you have 12 days and 15 hours to get in on this deal – don’t miss out!

[photo credits: appsumo.com &  uulyrics.com]

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