Why Web and Mobile Apps Rely on Transactional Email Delivery

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Web and mobile applications have given rise to transactional email. Not too long ago, email marketing focused heavily on promotional email like newsletters and offers, but now transactional email has been given a boost by web and mobile applications that rely on email to deliver notifications, updates and subscriptions. That’s part of the reason why our funding has been so successful and why our customer base has grown so rapidly in the past year.

Transactional email has essentially become business critical for application based businesses. It’s the driver by which they communicate with their subscribers, grow their customer base, and drive revenue. Flash sale or daily deal sites rely on transactional email to deliver time critical messages to its audience and once purchased, to confirm the sale. Retailers use email to deliver shipping notifications and order confirmations – both of which provide prime opportunities to upsell other products. Location-based apps rely on its timely deliver to connect friends and businesses. Moreover, transactional email boasts the highest open rates in the industry and actively spurs engagement amongst its recipients.

Today, there are a host of “new” uses for transactional email since the rise of web and mobile applications in the marketplace helping transactional email take its long awaited place in the world of email marketing.

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