With the ubiquity of social networks and their native messaging platforms, the worldwide adoption of SMS, and the exponential growth of Twitter, it is no surprise that some people feel inclined to conjecture the impending obsolescence of email as a communications tool. However, upon careful examination of our daily interactions through devices and applications, an even more compelling case can be made for the continued and expanding use of email as our primary means of personal and professional “written” communication.

At SendGrid, we feel pretty strongly about this topic and couldn’t be more optimistic about the future of email.

This is why we were stoked to be part of the Inbox Love conference last week. We met tons of smart, creative people and companies and walked away with a sense of excitement about the industry in which we find ourselves. If you didn’t get to attend and are thus still not convinced that email will ultimately emerge as the coolest technology on the block, check out this interview from Liz Gannes at All Things Digital, with SendGrid co-founder, Isaac Saldana, and VP of Business Development, Denise Hulce.

Read the story on All Things Digital

Watch the video (embedded from WSJ)

Just before publishing this post, I ran across this interesting story from Marketo, which begs the question “Is Social Media Going to Kill Email?” The article provides a pretty good answer and, if nothing else, makes one very critical and relevant point: “Email IS Social”

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