Adria Richards, a Developer Evangelist here at SendGrid, had the opportunity to work with Jacob Lehrbaum, Engine Yard’s host, to craft and present this webcast If Your Product Emails Your Users, Good Luck!, focused on what developers want – increased free time and fewer hassles with technology.

If you missed the live webcast, you can still join Adria as she takes attendees through the three important aspects of email delivery: Reputation, Relevance, and Infrastructure and covers Best Practices To Increase Deliverability With Your Own Email Server

Some additional resources new customers will find helpful:

Warming up your IP with Sendgrid

Test your API calls with SendGrid’s API Workshop

If you have questions about using SendGrid, access the support area for 24/7 support via live chat, support tickets and phone or submit a request to Engine Yard.

Check out our webcast on the topic of email best practices to learn more.

Erika Berkland is the Partner Marketing Manager at SendGrid. Her background is in both emerging technology and global corporations where she thrives in working with partners to deliver impactful and measurable marketing programs. Outside of SendGrid, Erika enjoys spending time outdoors with all the great activities Colorado has to offer.