Incorporating transactional email into your product is never as easy as you might think. The amount of time it can take to follow best practices, properly authenticate, and monitor your email performance is likely to steal too much time away from building really cool products. Join SendGrid’s Developer Evangelist Adria Richards and Engine Yard’s Jacob Lehrbaum at 1PM EST on November 28th as they discuss the cost, complexity, and massive headaches caused by trying to run your own email server. This webcast will cover:

  • Headaches and complexities of running your own email server
  • Best practices for email deliverability: saving time, resources and money
  • Getting started with SendGrid: deliverability, analytics and flexible APIs

By the end of the webcast, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to leverage cloud-based SMTP email infrastructure for your app and the benefits of SendGrid email deliverability via the Engine Yard platform.

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As SendGrid's Senior Marketing Analyst, Danny is responsible for keeping the marketing team focused on making data-driven decisions to help make sure we are providing value for our customers and prospects. While he may spend his days knee deep in spreadsheets now, Danny spent most of the last 10 years managing email campaigns, website optimization, and PPC campaigns for B2B companies.