We chose SendGrid because it’s a developer-focused company. We knew that with SendGrid we wouldn’t have to worry about delivery issues maintaining our email program.” –Braulio Fernandes, Product Manager

VivaReal is an online portal for real estate based in São Paulo, Brazil. They began as a startup four years ago and have rapidly grown to having properties across 13 cities as they set their sights on becoming the most trustworthy real estate company in Latin America.

How VivaReal Uses Email

Email is the core engine of VivaReal’s business strategy. It drives user acquisition and grows awareness for their properties with transactional email being their main revenue driver. They send anywhere from 10-15k transactional emails to agents a day. These emails are predominately from clients who are interested in properties that are listed on the site.

Before switching to SendGrid in June 2011, VivaReal sent email through an in-house email infrastructure. Like many other startups find, setting up and maintaining an in-house solution proved to be a costly drain on both their time and resources. And once their email volume grew, so did their delivery problems. They were using too many servers and their critical emails just weren’t making it to their clients. Unfortunately for VivaReal, those lost emails directly correlated to lost business opportunities.

How VivaReal Scaled with SendGrid

VivaReal switched to SendGrid because their engineers knew that SendGrid was a developer-focused company that specialized in transactional email.

Since switching to SendGrid, VivaReal grown dramatically and now sends over 600,000 emails a month (and growing!). During this growth, they’ve benefitted from:

  • Increased Deliverability
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Seamless Scalability
  • Time savings
  • In-depth reporting metrics

And even better, VivaReal went from a 60% delivery rate with their old in-house solution to an 88%-90% delivery rate with SendGrid.

To learn more about how VivaReal achieved this with SendGrid, read their case study here. And learn more about VivaReal at http://www.vivareal.com.br/.

Jillian Wohlfarth
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