Earlier this year, Twilio and SendGrid came together to support every part of the customer lifecycle. From running promotional marketing campaigns to delivering order status notifications, SMS and email aren’t just complementary channels…they can even amplify each other.

SMS and email are used together by our customers in a few different ways:

  • Marketing departments use SMS for shorter, actionable discounts and updates, while using email to send longer, more informative, and image-rich messages.
  • Operations departments use SMS to provide customers with alerts regarding account activity and emails to send more detailed account digests or newsletters.
  • Customer service departments use SMS to answer on-the-go inquiries that require immediate action and email for more detailed explorations of problems.

We asked Brent Schooley, Developer Evangelist at Twilio, to give us an overview of combining your SMS and email strategies. In this video, Brent describes how email is a great channel for sending an appointment confirmation, but when it comes to the day-of, an SMS reminder can be more appropriate and reduce no-shows:

If you’d like more information about combining your SMS and email programs to give your customers a better experience, talk to one of our experts today!

You can also learn more about how SMS and email can work together to improve your customers’ experiences in our new guide, Using SMS and Email to Engage Your Customers.

Nupur is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Twilio responsible for bringing new, exciting products to launch and beyond — Proxy, Studio, Autopilot, to name a few. She holds a bachelors degree in Telecommunication Engineering and a masters in management from Dartmouth. When she's not in the office, she's spreading Twilio magic at conferences.