We’ve been busy working on continuous improvements for Marketing Campaigns, our easy-to-use email marketing service. Marketing Campaigns provides users with powerful recipient segmentation, a simple campaign-building interface, responsive email templates, and much more. We’re excited to share some recent enhancements within Marketing Campaigns that we think you’ll love:

Link Click Tracking

Marketing Campaigns senders can now track which links within their emails get the most love, allowing them to understand recipient engagement with increased granularity. Simply log in to check out the click data for up to 100 individual links within campaigns you’ve sent. Note: this data is not yet available for campaigns using A/B testing.

Increased Campaign and Photo Limits

In an effort to accommodate senders who want to create and store many different email campaigns (and supporting images) we’ve increased our campaign limit to 2,500 and our image library limit to 400 images. We’ll continue to ask for feedback in order to make sure we continue meeting customer needs on this front in the future!

Campaign Duplication

We’ve learned that many senders duplicate prior campaigns as a starting point for new campaigns. To save these senders even more time, we’re now duplicating more of the campaign settings such as the “from” sender, email subject, categories, recipients, etc. By automatically carrying these settings over, senders enjoy a more efficient workflow where they only need to update the fields they wish to change.

LinkedIn Social Module

Our drag and drop social module just gained a new member: LinkedIn! As with the other social icons, senders can quickly add social icons to their campaigns by adding their social URLs to the appropriate icons and styling as they wish with our email design interface.

We hope our existing Marketing Campaigns users will love these enhancements (and that they’ll keep your invaluable feedback coming!). If you haven’t yet signed up for our powerfully simple email marketing service, we encourage you to give it a try—your first 2,000 contacts are free!

Molly Friederich
Molly Friederich is a part of the Product Marketing Team at SendGrid. As a passionate customer advocate, her goal is to help understand and represent the user voice across everything SendGrid does.