Resolutions are challenging to keep, but the good news is I consider January to be more of a trial run anyway! To kick off February (and the rest of your year officially) we thought it may be helpful to offer a few quick resolutions for your email program to set you up for success in 2017.

In today’s episode, we not only describe three simple resolutions—that offer a lot of bang for your buck—that you can set for your program, we reveal resources available to either help you with strategy or tactics to achieve these goals.

The email marketing resources we mentioned above include:

  • BriteVerify to make sure you’re sending to a clean list.
  • Litmus and Email on Acid to ensure your email designs hold up regardless of the inbox they’re being viewed in.
  • HubSpot’s blog to brush up on solid marketing principles and strategy.

Until next time, happy sending!

When Kate isn't trying to teach herself the ukelele, make it through the mountain of books on her nightstand, or figure out if they are actually being serious about suggested serving sizes on ice cream, she is the Creative Content Manager.