Welcome to Unread Mail! Our new blog video series around all things email. From basic email metrics to keep an eye on, to a day in the life of SendGrid’s Customer Success Managers, to the latest update to Gmail’s DMARC policy, we’ll talk about it all! Every video will be under 5 minutes and will be hosted by me and my coworker Warren.

Today we’re discussing very basic email metrics to keep an eye on to monitor the health of your email program. We kept our overview high level, but keep scrolling below the video to see additional resources available to you around email metrics.

When we say that you want to keep stats high for a metric, that means you want to see high percentages for that metric. And likewise for keeping stats low, that means you want to see low percentages for that metric.

To find some benchmark open and click stats for your industry, check out our blog post Comparing Industry Email Engagement Stats.

For more information around email metrics check out the resources below:

Until next time, happy sending!

Kate Schmeisser
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