Over the next few weeks leading up to Halloween, we’ll be hosting an “Email Trick or Treat?” series of blog posts featuring email “tricks” (misconceptions) or “treats” (best practices).


This mentality can really poison your email program–more specifically, your sending reputation. If your ultimate goal is to just increase the quantity of people you’re blasting your emails to (with no regards to quality), you’re headed down a very slippery slope.

To put this in perspective, your fate as a sender ultimately lands in the hands of the recipients of your mail. Their engagement (or lack of engagement) with your mail will determine your sending reputation–then your sending reputation will define if your messages make it into the inbox or the spam folder. When you employ shady practices to augment the size of your list (purchasing lists, renting lists, sharing lists with partners, etc.) you’ll end up sending your mail to people who probably don’t want and are definitely not expecting your mail! That, in short, is a recipe for disaster.

Make Unsubscribes Easy

Here at SendGrid, we applaud our customers who help people off of their list with an easy unsubscribe process! Unsubscribes are healthy because people’s interests change. Maybe you’re a car dealership and your recipient already bought a car from someone else a few months ago, so your messages aren’t valuable to them anymore. Or you’re a local daily deals site in California, but your recipient moved to Georgia. You don’t want to keep those people on your list because they’ll probably stop engaging, or even worse, grow annoyed and mark your message as spam.

Ideally your unsubscribe should be a one-click opt-out process (at the most two). You’re better off with a highly engaged list of two thousand subscribers who opted-in than two million email addresses scarped from the internet.

For more insight into common email misconceptions, watch our email delivery consultant Jacob discuss list size and more!

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