Note: This post is part of a special holiday blog series created by our Expert Services Team at SendGrid to provide information on how to prepare and get the most out of your email campaigns this year.

When it comes to sending emails during the holiday season, the name of the game is return on investment (ROI). Every year, we see the eCommerce industry spend big bucks in their respective marketing channels in hopes of reaching a broad range of eager buyers who will be willing to spend on their offerings.

The email channel is no different. The unfortunate thing is that many of these eCommerce organizations spend a lot of their own money on their email programs without much return on the investments they make. The reasons for the lack of ROI can vary; however, the overarching theme has resonated around the lack of focus on optimizing email content and an uncertainty of user trends during the holidays.

Capitalize on holiday email campaigns

First and foremost, the holiday time period is unique for recipients and how they consume emails. It is during this time where consumers are on the move and their shopping behaviors can change and increase dramatically.

For email senders, this is the time when their email programs need to be in-tune with these behavioral shifts the most. That is why it is imperative to optimize emails for more than just desktop.

With the advancement in mobile technology and devices, mobile consumers have been growing at a staggering rate. Optimizing your emails for mobile consumers is of the utmost importance for the holidays. The goal should be to meet the consumer where they are, and optimizing your emails for the moving mobile consumer will do just that.

How to optimize your mobile emails

Although mobile screens have gotten bigger over the years, their dimensions are still tiny compared to desktops and even some tablets. Here are three initial focus areas for you to pay attention to for improving your mobile emails.

1. Focus on the actionable content
Make the most of your real estate and emphasize the calls-to-action while minimizing the noise. Clear and concise calls-to-action will capture your recipients’ already shortened attention spans and lead the way to conversions.

2. Prioritize and organize content
Organizing your email content may sound simple, however, this will go a long way with your recipients. It has been best practice for years in digital marketing to organize your content so the most important call-outs or messaging is above the mobile fold.

Keeping consumers attention is vital, so if you reserve the most important details of an email toward the bottom of any email, you may have already lost your recipient.

3. Test your mobile email campaigns as much as you can
Whether you are testing subject lines or email content, your email ROI will surely increase when you are providing content for what users desire most or prefer. And if you have no way of knowing this unless you test!

So, what should you be testing? Some holiday-specific testing ideas could be variations of subject lines that might emphasize gifting for a loved one vs. purchasing for yourself. An example may be “the perfect gift for her” vs. “our top holiday find just for you.”

Retailers may choose to focus on big initiatives during the holidays and test the promotion of Buy Online & Pick-up In Store programs. Testing email content that reflects these options is also a great way to drive consumers into stores in order to produce additional conversions.


Emphasizing mobile email optimization and focusing on calls to action, email organization, and testing, puts you on the right path to greatly improve the ROI on your email program not only during the holidays, but throughout the year.

If you want to dive deeper into optimizing your holiday emails, check out our Holiday Sending Hacks webcast which features two of SendGrid’s email delivery consultants dishing out their top email sending advice catered for the holidays.

Justin Foulk
Justin is an energetic and enthusiastic Customer Onboarding Manager, working with new and existing customers on how effectively send with SendGrid. Justin spent many years working on the Digital Marketing and Analytics teams at Anthropologie and QVC, developing a passion for email marketing. He has been able to leverage his client-side knowledge and experience with the customers he supports at SendGrid. In Justin's free time, he likes to trail run or hike in the Colorado mountains