Despite being a fairly young company, SendGrid has a long tradition of working directly with our community. Director of Developer Relations Tim Falls was among the first employees and had the title of “community guy” for much of his tenure. The developer evangelists have written many blog posts about community and they boil down to these three tips.

It’s About the People

A community is made of people. Perhaps that’s obvious. Even within a developer community, there are many types of people. To embrace this community, you have to care about the people and your relationship with them.

It’s Not About Money

Yes, if your developer community is built around a company, a company is built to make money. But that’s the wrong way to approach your community. Yet, enough companies are doing it that big budget events have made some communities seem like it is about the money.

It’s Definitely About Documentation

You can’t be with your developer community at all times. Your website, and especially its documentation, should take over when you can’t be in person.

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