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Ask any experienced sales manager their thoughts when a team member says, “They need a little longer to decide.” He or she mentally makes a note to scratch that prospect from the forecast. Time rarely helps a sales effort and most likely kills it. The same truth applies to email marketing and sales.

If you are using email marketing to increase awareness, drive website traffic, or to make an announcement, then sending recipients back to your website is a great tactic. But if your goal is to increase sales with a product announcement or with a special offer, sending recipients back to your website only reduces the chance of actually closing a sale.

Three out of Four Consumers Never Buy Once They Hit the Website

According to eMarketer, in 2016 cart abandonment reached 75%. When a consumer receives an email with a sale offer the consumer wants to buy, they typically click on a link to a website. The consumer then has to decide the color, size, etc. of the item they selected. This is where it can get confusing for the buyer. They view multiple products, various promotions, survey invitations, opinion requests etc.

I’ve spent time on various ecommerce sites and I have found that the checkout process can require anywhere between 6 and 25 steps and takes up to 7 minutes to complete. The entire process can take between 5 to 15 minutes to buy when they had mentally made that decision when they read the email.

No matter what the reason for abandonment the underlying cause is time.

The more time that passes between thinking about buying and actually buying, the greater chance the sale won’t happen.

Why? Life could intervene: the customer received a text that needs an answer, the kids want something to eat or the doorbell rings. Maybe it’s a technical issue like a disruption to the website, the site is too slow, or the customers get out of range for cell reception.

The consumer may also just not feel comfortable creating another account and giving their credit card information to another website. Or the entire process is just too long and complicated. The good news is that if you enable your recipient to purchase a product or service instantly from an email, you can reduce cart abandonment.

Fast, Simple, and Safe Shopping

Sending cart abandonment emails allow you to remind your customers that they have put an item in an online shopping basket but haven’t completed the transaction. These can be highly effective emails, but make sure you are complying and using best practices when sending these emails. Unfortunately, you are sending them back to the same website and the same abandonment process may be repeated.

If your ESP doesn’t provide the ability to purchase directly within an email, there are options that allow you do so. QwkBuy, a SendGrid partner, allows you to capture the sale immediately when the consumer has the desire and impulse to buy by allowing one-click purchase within the email instead of sending the customer back to your website (additional steps) and run the risk of more distractions.

Learn more about how QwkBuy reduces the time and steps for consumers by watching the video below:

If you’re a SendGrid customer already, you can try out QwkBuy for 90 days at no cost. And if you would like to dive deeper into ecommerce marketing best practices, check out SendGrid’s Essential Guide to Ecommerce.

Bob Delamore
Bob Delamore is Founder and Executive Vice President of QwkBuy. He has been in the high tech world for over 25 years having held numerous executive sales and marketing positions. Bob has worked at multiple successful startups including Evertrust, a software company that specialized in the security and safekeeping of digital documents and images that were used primarily in the financial and healthcare sector.