One of the best things about APIs is they can inspire entire third party ecosystems. The SendGrid Event API can be used in a number of ways, from inferring engagement to dashboards. It’s multi-purpose because it’s simply a firehose of data on all the email you’re sending. The three tools below are just a few examples of what has been built for customers–and by customers–using the SendGrid Event API.

Keen IO

Through our partnership with Keen IO, you can easily send events to Keen IO, an API for custom analytics.


A one-man startup, ZenLytics is built on providing more in-depth data about emails.

Tempo DB

Tempo DB specializes in time series data, a perfect match for the Event API. SendGrid evangelist Martyn Davies showed how to connect Tempo DB to SendGrid.

There’s More

The examples go on: Embarke (closed beta) helps customers know when to send and provides segmentation and templating.

To learn more about how SendGrid’s Event API can help your email program, join me for a free interactive webinar: SendGrid’s Event API: Automate the Next Level of Email Sophistication on Tuesday, July 30th at 1 PM EDT. Even if you can’t attend, sign up to receive a free copy of the recording and slides after the presentation.

Adam DuVander speaks fluent "developer" while serving as Developer Communications Director. He helps SendGrid connect to coders of all stripes. Previously Adam wrote for Wired, Webmonkey and edited ProgrammableWeb, the leading resource for APIs.