Twilio SIGNAL has been Twilio’s annual customer and developer conference since 2015.  The event brings together a community of developers, innovators, and business owners to explore the new solutions being offered by Twilio, and share how they and their peers are making the most impact with these tools.

Twilio is a company based around its customers, who are often developers, building solutions with their flexible APIs, tools, and resources. But starting this year, I’m excited to share that Twilo’s SIGNAL is now also a conference for marketers.

There are also so many applications, for marketers–especially with Twilio SendGrid’s email offering now in the mix.

If you’re a marketer asking yourself how Twilio and/or Twilio SendGrid might tie into your business, SIGNAL is the perfect opportunity to dive in and immerse yourself in a world of communication solutions proven to improve customer relationships and drive growth.

While the heart of Twilio lies with developers, this year there is more marketing content than one single marketer could absorb during the 2-day adventure.

How do you decide what makes sense for you?

The Sessions page is a great first stop to discover the content that’s right for you. Handily equipped with an easy to use filtering system, this is where you can map out what you’ll be attending.

Clicking into “Filter by tag” on the page, you can filter on a high level by selecting simply “Marketing” from the “Attendee Role” section, or you can get more specific by checking “Twilio SendGrid” if you’re specifically looking to focus in on SendGrid products from the “Track” section. Finally, filters can be combined if you’re looking to dig in more specifically (for example, marketing sessions specifically relating to Twilio SendGrid).

On a personal note, some of the sessions I’m most looking forward to include:

The Speakers page is another great resource for discovering where you’ll want to spend your time at the event. Learn a little bit about the keynote speakers who’ll be opening up the event (yes, Mindy Kaling from The Office will be speaking!), or get to know the Twilio and Twilio SendGrid teammates who will be leading your sessions!

SIGNAL’s “Why Attend?” page describes the event best:“What you learn at SIGNAL, you’ll put into practice. Learn from customers who have leveled up their business with Twilio, hone in your development practices in deep-dive talks from product experts, and be the first to see Twilio’s brand new products.”

I’m especially excited for the heightened focus and increased content for the marketers in the room this year. And as a marketer at Twilio SendGrid, I know just how excited the teams are to get involved and share their experiences in order to help you find further success with our tools.

Interested in attending? Learn more about the event! We can’t wait to see you there!

Austin Whiting
Austin is an email marketing associate here at SendGrid. When he's not planning and scheduling campaigns, he's out filming skateboarding, or hanging with his girlfriend eating Ben & Jerry's (he highly recommends Americone Dream flavor).