This week we visit our roots by interviewing the man who started it all—SendGrid’s Co-founder, Isaac Saldana! If you’re not familiar with SendGrid’s humble beginnings, it all started with Isaac’s struggle with email deliverability at a previous company. In Isaac’s words, “I just couldn’t fix these email deliverability problems. And because I couldn’t fix it, I became passionate about it.”

That passion led him to pursue finding a solution. After validating the market need, Isaac looped in SendGrid’s co-founders, Tim Jenkins and Jose Lopez, and the team packed up and moved from California to Colorado to attend Techstars–and the rest is history. Though the future of the company was questioned at times, the team pulled through and SendGrid just celebrated sending its one trillionth email!

Tune in below to hear:

  • The full SendGrid story
  • Challenges the team faced early on
  • The upside of sacrifices
  • How mentorship was the missing key to success
  • Advice for entrepreneurs (hint: the hardest part is getting started)
  • And more!

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Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you next time!

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