Since 2011, SendGrid has been participating in amazing mini-adventures around the world, with some of the planet’s brightest techie travelers. This Saturday, we embark once again, with a group of fellow geeks, to explore the startup communities of Southeast Asia.

Geeks on a Plane combines “Travel & Technology.” However, that is certainly an oversimplification of the franchise that our friends at 500 Startups have established over the past several years.

#GOAP, as you’ll find it on the twitters, gathers a bunch of geeks –  entrepreneurs, investors, intrepid intrapreneurs of startups and large companies, journalists, etc. Once gathered, the geeks venture out to a region of the globe, and make several stops within that region, each of which involves complete immersion into the local startup scene. Through intimate meetings, office visits/tours, events small and large, outdoor adventures, and more “the geeks” are introduced to the doers and leaders within their respective geographies and communities. And through those interactions knowledge is shared and relationships are forged.

SendGrid has now traveled as a member of the GOAP crew to East Asia, India, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, and it’s proven to be one of the best and most enjoyable ways to make an positive impact within startup communities, on a global scale.

Plus, truth be told, we need to be everywhere. Why everywhere, you ask? Because everywhere is where developers are; and those developers need the latest tools and technologies to be better at their craft. And everywhere is where startups are; and those startups are led by founders who need guidance from others who’ve experienced what they strive to achieve.

June 1-14: Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta.

I’ll be carrying the SendGrid flag as the geeks hit up four southeast Asian cities. I’d like to meet as many people as possible – SendGrid customers, developer community members, partners, and everyone else who’s interested in sharing stories and exploring new opportunities. I’ll also be speaking at the ID-Byte Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia, on June 12, on the topic of “The Importance of Listening to Your Customers/Community”, which is part of the broader conference theme of Building The Next World Class Company. 

To say the least, I’m stoked to see a new part of the world, but I’m equally excited about getting an inside glimpse at the entrepreneurial action within this unique and intriguing slice of the global economy.

If it sounds like I might be in your neighborhood, give me a shout, so we can meet in person – you can find me @timfalls on twitter and reach my inbox at timfalls [at] sendgrid [dot] com.

Selamat tinggal!”

Director, Developer Relations at @SendGrid. Passionate about bringing people together around things they love. I tweet at @TimFalls.