Today, we’re excited to introduce the first video in our Art and Science of Email Delivery thought leadership series featuring SendGrid’s VP of Email Delivery, Paul Kincaid-Smith.

Paul leads our Compliance and Delivery teams at SendGrid, who are dedicated to improving customers’ sending practices and delivering our customers’ wanted mail quickly and reliably. Paul’s teams protect customers and the external email ecosystem from email abuse and maintain trusted, collaborative relationships with mailbox providers including Gmail, Yahoo, and Microsoft. He ensures that SendGrid’s email delivery is best in class, and joins forces with M3AAWG (Messaging Malware Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group) to fight spam, phishing, and other forms of email abuse.

We chose to lead this series with a topic that is highly relevant to all email marketers, one that should be understood by anyone sending email. Permission marketing, within the context of email, focuses on sending relevant, personalized, and anticipated email to people who really want to receive it. And because of the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL), this is no longer just a marketing best practice, it’s the law.

Watch as Paul kicks of the Art and Science of Email Delivery series with his point of view and some advice regarding permission marketing:

We’re excited to offer a series that is applicable to email marketers everywhere, and is significant to today’s industry standards, trends, and best practices. Subscribe to our blog and YouTube channel to follow along with this series–stay tuned for part two!

As Director of Corporate Communications for SendGrid, David is responsible for helping to shape the voice of SendGrid and his current responsibilities include global management of media relations, social media, and analyst relations.