Picture this: your company’s marketing team hard at work, spending weeks, maybe months, crafting the perfect marketing messages to reach your target customer. The only problem? The messages are getting sent directly to spam.

This is a problem many of our customers have turned to us to solve, and it’s a challenge we always eagerly accept. Here at SendGrid, it’s our goal to make our customers’ lives easier – you create the message, and we’ll handle the deliverability.

Take for example our customer, TeamSnap, a company that provides a powerful solution for managing sport teams, clubs, and organizations. Three years ago, TeamSnap viewed their email channel as both a critical factor to success and a problematic function of their marketing strategy. To put it simply, they had trouble getting email through to certain providers and overall deliverability rates were low. CEO, David DuPont, sought out a solution that fulfilled his one criterion: deliverability.

Today, David reports that while their email volume has increased tenfold (they currently send 20 million emails a month), TeamSnap’s deliverability rate has remained at or above 99.5%! Thanks to SendGrid, David can rest easy with the peace of mind that his customers are receiving all of their emails.

The email industry is constantly evolving and providing senders with increasing challenges. To stay ahead of these changes and to be the asset your brand needs, take David’s advice: “Don’t mess with this yourselves, use SendGrid.”

To learn more about TeamSnap, visit them at teamsnap.com, and to read more stories like theirs, visit our Customer Success Stories library.

As Director of Corporate Communications for SendGrid, David is responsible for helping to shape the voice of SendGrid and his current responsibilities include global management of media relations, social media, and analyst relations.