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Why Response Metrics Matter

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While we often focus on delivered rates when talking about email deliverability, response metrics will soon be equally important in determining whether or not your email arrives. ISPs are increasingly looking at subscriber engagement levels to determine the validity of your email messages.  While not all ISPs are using engagement data and those that are all have different criteria, the fact is that opens, clicks and other engagement metrics are now playing a role in delivery decisions.

ISPs are expanding their measurement criteria because they want to confirm that your subscribers are real and active. If a subscriber logins and interacts with messages in their inbox, they are considered active users. The opposite behavior might mean that there are large numbers of inactive subscribers and therefore, standard reputation metrics may not be the best indicator of message value. Data on opens and clicks provide a more complete picture of the sender and it’s subscriber relationships.  So if you’ve been laser-focused on deliverability numbers, now is the time to expand your view. Read More ›