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A few weeks ago, Brandon and I went to New York City for Startup Weekend. I had stopped by the previous SW NYC when I was there for Internet Week and API Hackday, and I was instantly impressed. I’ve been to a few Startup Weekends in Boulder and Denver, but never had I seen a crowd this large. Nor had I witnessed the level of energy that was in the General Assembly office that Friday evening.

As I walked out of the event that night, I decided we would definitely be back for the next SW in the city.

It was a good decision. Not only did we get to chill at the GA digs for a good chunk of Fri/Sat/Sun, but we worked with closely with a number of teams: Brandon rocked some code, we had some great discussions on app infrastructure, I mentored some pitch practice sessions, and, above all, we met a bunch of awesome people.

Corey Maass is one of those awesome people. And below is a story that he told us, which we thought would be fun to share with the rest of our community.

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