Announcing Improved Heroku Integration

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We are pleased to announce some improvements for SendGrid users on Heroku. We’ve increased email credits across the board, refreshed our suite of plans, and have enabled some additional features. Heroku users can now manage their sub-users via our API, and all users on the Silver plan and above have access to dedicated IPs for their accounts. Heroku and SendGrid’s partnership … Read more ›

SendGrid supports launch of This Week in TechStars

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The This Week in… web series has been a great source of free online content for years now. Because of the value we see in independent media such as this, we’ve supported Jason Calacanis and his show This Week in Startups in the past.
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API Recipe: Pinch of Twilio + Dash of SendGrid

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Developers, start your laptops!
Twilio and TechStars have teamed up to offer developers of all shapes and sizes an awesome opportunity, in the form of their “Two for One” contest. The premise is pretty simple: combine Twilio with an API or service from any TechStars company to develop the most bad ass app you can imagine.

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Email More Faster: How SendGrid Applied the 7 Keys to Startup Success


Recently, David Cohen, co-author of the newly published book Do More Faster, was interviewed by Andrew Warner on Throughout their conversation, David and Andrew discussed the seven themes that are covered within the chapters of the book. In this post, we will explore each of these themes in the context of SendGrid.

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Special Thanks


With this being our first blog post, we would like to thank TechStars for being such a wonderful help during the summer.  They helped us get to where we are today.  We cant forget the companies that shared the jouney with us! =) Stay tuned for updates from our blog from time to time!