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Startup Weekend London Brings Together UK Tech Entrepreneurs

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Most people look forward to the weekend because they can relax, sleep in and take care of overdue errands.  With that said, there is a growing group of individuals who roll up their sleeves and commit to creating new companies in just 54 hours.  This is being made possible by an organization known as Startup Weekend.  Started in Boulder, Colorado in 2007 with the aim of bringin together passionate entrepreneurs for a weekend still rings true today with success stories including companies like Zaarly, Foodspoting and CloudMine. Related PostsYoung Rewired State: Empowering Young Minds To Do Great Things London Hackers Bring Home the


A Startup Weekend for the record books: the SLC community is fo realz

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A few weeks ago, I took a tiny plane over the Rockies to Salt Lake City to attend our first Startup Weekend as Global Sponsors.  Our good pal (and loyal customer), Al Doan, was the local organizer of @SWSaltLake, and he did an amazing job facilitating the first ever SW for the SLC startup community. When Al moved to SLC a few months ago, he set out to play a role in strengthening the community. He noticed an untapped potential, given the plethora of talented, intelligent people that seemed to be missing a venue in which they could express themselves


TheBirdy.com: using email for personal finance management

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A few weeks ago, Brandon and I went to New York City for Startup Weekend. I had stopped by the previous SW NYC when I was there for Internet Week and API Hackday, and I was instantly impressed. I’ve been to a few Startup Weekends in Boulder and Denver, but never had I seen a crowd this large. Nor had I witnessed the level of energy that was in the General Assembly office that Friday evening. As I walked out of the event that night, I decided we would definitely be back for the next SW in the city. It was


Conferences, Trade Shows, Hackdays, Oh My!

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At SendGrid, we’ve been busy hitting the proverbial pavement and spreading the word about who we are and how we help companies grow and succeed. We thought it was worth taking a moment to reflect on the cool events we’ve been a part of in the past month or so, as well as those that are approaching in the coming months. And don’t worry – we’re keeping some developers in the office to continue improving the product and some support staff on hand to answer your questions. Related PostsLone Star Ruby Hackathon Recap Hackers Redefine Work at Box Hackathon Recap