Three Questions to Ask your SMTP Service Provider Before You Buy

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Getting your emails delivered to your customers is imperative if you want them to respond to your messages. While employing an outsourced SMTP email server solution is the best choice due to its ease of use and flexibility, before you make a final decision on who will take on the important task of handling your transactional email, make sure you ask the provider these three key questions. … Read more ›

Guest post: SendGrid takes the Cake[PHP] when it comes to SMTP

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The following is a guest blog post from one of our customers and community members, Dave Loftis. Dave is an independent developer, and co-founder of and You can check out his blog at

If you’re a PHP developer who is building a large Internet application, or even a small one, using CakePHP, you have undoubtedly taken a look at Cake’s built-in Mail component. The built-in component is simple and powerful, and it works well for most things you might do. It’s really great for sending “welcome-to-X” or “forgot-your-password” emails. But, once you deploy and start using things in the real world, you’re going to run into some very real issues. If someone requests a password reset, they expect that email to arrive to their inbox within seconds. No one wants to search their SPAM filters for a password reminder message from a site they use. And, heaven forbid if you have a few thousand users and want to integrate mailing list management, or track the status of your messages in real time.

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Empowering You

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We want this to be the year you use SendGrid but more than anything we want you to be able to integrate and customize the system to your specific needs. As we near the end of our reasons you need SendGrid, it is all about empowering our users. We don’t have any complex code or integration. We’re compatible with your systems, your technology and your people so you can customize us your way.

Reason #7: Customize the System To Your Own Unique Needs.

SendGrid has multiple APIs that allow you to customize the service and retrieve information. These APIs allow you to configure your system to deliver specific reports and push data in real time – giving you the information you need to improve and expand your business operations. And by working with developers, we continue to augment our API collection to create more robust options that support your web applications. … Read more ›

Use SendGrid SMTP with SocialEngine

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SocialEngine is social network software that helps users build their own customized community websites. With over 8,000 websites utilizing their software, they are one of the most popular social networking web applications around. The following video shows how you can setup SocialEngine to send emails through the cloud-based SendGrid SMTP service. If you haven’t checked out SocialEngine and are thinking … Read more ›