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Control Your Email Destiny with a Dedicated IP

Best Practices, Technical

Most email service providers have been offering dedicated IP addresses for nearly a decade. We didn’t think this topic was particularly controversial, but an interesting industry post presented a unique view on this practice. While we appreciate the viewpoint of that post, we feel obligated to remind our readers why we believe that dedicated IPs are important and what role they can play in your email success.

Why would a sender need or want a dedicated IP rather than a shared IP?  It all comes down to the word dedicated. In this case it means there is an IP address dedicated for your exclusive use. Only your mail is sent via this IP and this means that any deliverability problems that arise only impact you and are a direct result of your practices. This is of course in stark contrast to a shared IP where your mail is bulked along with the mail of dozens or perhaps even hundreds of other senders and deployed from the same IP. This means any issues that arise may or may not be the result of your practices – and your reputation is only as good as the reputation of the worst sender on the IP. So if one sender rents a list from a disreputable vendor, gets a bunch of spam complaints and the IP ends up blacklisted your mail is blocked along with theirs. Read More ›