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A Startup Weekend for the record books: the SLC community is fo realz

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A few weeks ago, I took a tiny plane over the Rockies to Salt Lake City to attend our first Startup Weekend as Global Sponsors.  Our good pal (and loyal customer), Al Doan, was the local organizer of @SWSaltLake, and he did an amazing job facilitating the first ever SW for the SLC startup community.

When Al moved to SLC a few months ago, he set out to play a role in strengthening the community. He noticed an untapped potential, given the plethora of talented, intelligent people that seemed to be missing a venue in which they could express themselves and create new things. People told him that a Startup Weekend couldn’t happen – “No one will come out on Sunday” … “It’s been tried before, and it failed,” he was told.

Al wasn’t convinced, and as it turns out, the community was right there with him. Personally, as soon as I found out that Al was behind the effort to bring Startup Weekend to a new city, I was committed, and thus, so was SendGrid. Read More ›