SendGrid in the AppDirect Marketplace

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At SendGrid, we were pleased with AppDirect’s thorough and thoughtful integration with us. We were impressed with AppDirect from the beginning as they came to our first meeting with an implementation that was almost completely fleshed out. It was clear that they had done their homework and looked at our APIs closely. They gave us great feedback that we incorporated into making the Reseller API even better for all our partners. In addition, they were extremely responsive in their communication, making the integration a smooth process. … Read more ›

SendGrid Partners with AppDirect


Today, we are pleased to announce a SendGrid partnership with AppDirect. AppDirect is the cloud services marketplace company that helps you to distribute your cloud services across a network of different application stores. They also provide their partners the ability to easily deploy their own branded marketplace, a model known as MaaS (Marketplace-as-a-Service). … Read more ›