The 3 C’s of Developer Relations

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A lot of people ask what a Developer Evangelist does, and the answers can vary a bit depending on which company they work for, and how the team is placed within the organization. Regardless of the tactics in place, all of them are based on a few core principles of Developer Relations, which I call the 3 C’s: Community, Code, and Content. Community If you don’t have a way to reach developers, your Developer Relations program isn’t worth much. At SendGrid, our main strategy is “give first”–the more successful start-ups there are, the better off everyone is. As Tim has said before, a personal connection is worth more than a click. We don’t think in terms of leads. We’re thinking about

A Hackathon with a Civic Focus: Colorado Code for Communities

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I see a lot of ideas at hackathons that are fun but not necessarily useful, or that are useful but not solving big problems. That’s not a judgment on building things solely for fun or as novelties; that’s a big part of the spirit of hacking, and it’s hard to tackle big problems in a couple days. But the focus was a little bit different at the Colorado Code for Communities hackathon last weekend at Uncubed in Denver, where a group of hackers, local representatives and local sponsors got together to “build and improve the latest apps that bring sustainability into the forefront of everyone’s lives.” The structure of the event was a little different as well. Everyone was asked

Hacking the Midwest


When I heard that SendGrid was one of the API sponsors for Hack the Midwest on June 2nd and 3rd in Kansas City, I jumped at the chance to represent us there.  Although I was actually born in Kansas City, it had been nearly ten years since I’d been back, and I was super excited to see what the tech and startup scene had to offer.

Nearly 100 local hackers showed up to demo their skills at the competition.  Teams came in all shapes and sizes –  some from local startups, others comprised of groups of local tech enthusiasts.  There was even a father-son pair that ended up taking home some awesome prizes! Read More ›

Recap of ReCommerce hackday in Las Vegas, Nevada

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How many hackdays have you been to that include ziplining across 800 feet above a downtown parade? That’s how we kicked things off in Las Vegas for Recommerce Day, a hack event with a focus on retail and sponsored by a lot of great companies and API providers, including Zappos, Mashery, Twilio, Etsy, and Klout. There were 19 incredible hacks presented and a lot of great prizes were given away. The winner for Most Fun and Weird went to Rotten Huevos from @harmophone, a web app that uses the Rotten Tomatoes API to check the movie you’re about to watch, and then orders extra underwear via Manpacks if the movie is scary and might cause you to soil yourself. The Best Mashup award

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Hey there! My name is Tim Falls, and I wanted to officially introduce myself to all who are, for whatever reason, interested in SendGrid. If you’ve followed our company over the last few years, you may have seen my name here and there – on the blog, on the twitters (“^tf”), or maybe even IRL at events around the country.

I’ve been involved with SendGrid since the early days in the bunker and joined the team on a full-time basis in May 2010. After taking on a wide variety of responsibilities over the past 12 months, I have landed in the perfect role, and I’m super stoked to embark on a new adventure. My new title is Community Guy. So what does the “Community Guy” do, you ask… Simply put, I make community happen. I’m the guy you go to when you have questions, comments, or a fun story to tell. I help solve your problems when they arise and make sure the world knows about the cool stuff you’re doing with email.

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Giving Thanks

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It’s that time of year – time to recognize and say thanks to those who deserve it. Typically, we all think about this on a personal, individual level. However, we believe it is just as important from an organizational standpoint – after all, though SendGrid is a “company”, it is also (like all companies) a group of people who have come together to reach a common goal.
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