Guest post: SendGrid takes the Cake[PHP] when it comes to SMTP

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The following is a guest blog post from one of our customers and community members, Dave Loftis. Dave is an independent developer, and co-founder of and You can check out his blog at

If you’re a PHP developer who is building a large Internet application, or even a small one, using CakePHP, you have undoubtedly taken a look at Cake’s built-in Mail component. The built-in component is simple and powerful, and it works well for most things you might do. It’s really great for sending “welcome-to-X” or “forgot-your-password” emails. But, once you deploy and start using things in the real world, you’re going to run into some very real issues. If someone requests a password reset, they expect that email to arrive to their inbox within seconds. No one wants to search their SPAM filters for a password reminder message from a site they use. And, heaven forbid if you have a few thousand users and want to integrate mailing list management, or track the status of your messages in real time.

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