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TheBirdy.com: using email for personal finance management

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A few weeks ago, Brandon and I went to New York City for Startup Weekend. I had stopped by the previous SW NYC when I was there for Internet Week and API Hackday, and I was instantly impressed. I’ve been to a few Startup Weekends in Boulder and Denver, but never had I seen a crowd this large. Nor had I witnessed the level of energy that was in the General Assembly office that Friday evening. As I walked out of the event that night, I decided we would definitely be back for the next SW in the city. It was


API Recipe: Pinch of Twilio + Dash of SendGrid

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Developers, start your laptops! Twilio and TechStars have teamed up to offer developers of all shapes and sizes an awesome opportunity, in the form of their “Two for One” contest. The premise is pretty simple: combine Twilio with an API or service from any TechStars company to develop the most bad ass app you can imagine. Related PostsProcess SendGrid Events in Real-time with TempoDB Become an Inbox Insider with SendGrid Delivered Lone Star Ruby Hackathon Recap Vote For SendGrid In The 2013 SXSW Panel Picker eCommerce Hack Day Brings New Challenge To Developers