The following is a guest post from Matt McFee at BriteVerify.

Your home isn’t the only thing that needs cleaning—your email addresses do as well. When your email list includes only valid addresses, you have a better sender reputation, which means you are much less likely to have your emails blocked or mistakenly considered spam. Many people mistakenly clean their lists only during a deny list crisis, but smart marketers verify email addresses on a regular basis.

Clean your contact list of expired email addresses

You’ve created a robust email address list, full of people who are likely to buy your product or service. But according to MarketingSherpa, email addresses decay at a rate of 2.1% each month. That means each year every one in four addresses is out of date. Just like cleaning as you go saves time, using email verification for each campaign prevents spending hours resolving a deny list crisis. Verifying email also prevents you from losing out on potential sales.

Email verification is quick and affordable. Today’s self-service tools allow you to drag and drop your email file and identify the expired addresses in a matter of minutes. Email verification is more affordable than you would expect and the more you clean, the cheaper each email is to verify.

Keep invalid email addresses off your shelves forever

While cleaning your house all day, every day isn’t feasible, there is a solution for keeping invalid email addresses from ever reaching your database—it’s called web form verification. Research shows that 10 to 15 percent of all web form submissions contain unusable email addresses. When you use web form verification, email addresses are automatically verified when entered into the form, meaning invalid addresses with typos or mistakes are detected and corrected immediately.

Setting up form verification is easy—just a few simple steps, including adding domains and installing the script. In addition to eliminating input errors, form verification can track conversion rates as well as fraud attempts. And you have the peace of mind knowing that the email list you just cleaned will remain spic and span.

Spring is now upon us and by taking a few minutes to verify your email list and remove invalid addresses, you will save yourself and your company time, money, and lost opportunity.

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