Here at SendGrid, we pride ourselves on being innovators, always one step ahead of the game. Our benefits are no exception, because our employees are our strongest asset.

We feel it is important to be transparent and to highlight on the ongoing efforts needed to be a more diverse and inclusive organization. We see it as not only the right thing to do, but an integral and essential part of the continued success and maturity of our company, industry, nation, and world.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our updated Parental Leave policy. SendGrid now pays 5 weeks at 100% salary for new parents for up to one year following the birth or adoption of a new bundle of joy. We fully support ‘Gridders with growing families, and recognize the need for ample adjustment time.

Our previous policy allowed parents two weeks of full salary pay, and could be used within six months following the birth or adoption of a child. In addition to increasing the leave to five weeks, a big difference is that the new policy can be used within one year. This allows for more flexibility to take time off for milestones like physician checkups, extended family visits, or just quality time with the new little one.

SendGrid’s Senior HR Operations Coordinator, Shelly Miley, says the change in our parental leave policy is a reflection of how much we value our ‘Gridders and their families. “Our employees are dedicated and work hard to make the company a success, and we work just as hard to keep them here and keep them happy,” says Shelly.

“We are proud to tell candidates and employees about the benefit, and because of the positive response so far, it will only reinforce the pride employees already have to work here.”

Employee Spotlight

Here’s what some SendGrid parents had to say about their experience with our parental leave policy:

Evan Huwa – Manager of Creative

After being with SendGrid for a year and a half, Evan recently became a new dad to his baby girl. He has been using his five weeks of parental leave in spurts, “a la carte style,” spread out over a longer period of time. The policy allows new parents the flexibility to use the five weeks as they see fit, something Evan and his young family really appreciate. “Having five weeks is an incredible benefit,” says Evan, “almost too good to be true.” While most new dads have to take vacation time to spend time at home with their newborn, SendGrid affords new parents weeks of precious time at home.

Upon joining SendGrid, Evan already held our benefits with high regard, and now with the change in our parental leave policy he considers them to be world-class. “As a company, we’re taking strides to step away from the ‘workaholism’ mentality that America has,” says Evan. “I’m super proud and thankful to be a part of a company like SendGrid.”

Matt Thelen – Sr. Strategy, Insights & Research Manager

Matt is SendGrid’s newest parent, and he used his five weeks of parental leave all in one swing. Our policy especially benefitted his special circumstancetwins! Twins mean all hands on deck for new parents, and Matt took full advantage of his parental leave to help out at home for as long as possible. “Experiencing the parental leave policy reaffirmed for me that we at SendGrid are serious about our culture,” says Matt. “The culture is enacted and not just talked about.”

He sees our benefits as a great recruiting tool for SendGrid, especially as a growing company full of young people. “At some point in life, people leave jobs and make career changes to accommodate starting a family,” Matt says. He feels confident that SendGrid’s policy is a huge selling point for potential employees. Matt likened his experience on parental leave to basketball defensive strategiesman-to-man versus zone coverage. “Taking five weeks of parental leave allowed my wife and me to start out in man-to-man and slowly ease our way into zone.”

Sunny Harmon – Manager of Customer Success

Longtime ‘Gridder and mother of two Sunny used her parental leave differently with each child. As a new mother planning on returning to work full-time, Sunny had a lot of questions: How hard will it be to leave my 3 month old at daycare? How difficult would it be to continue nursing my child? Will it be difficult to manage my time between work and home life? SendGrid’s parental leave policy gave her ample time and flexibility to find the answers.

Sunny utilized her parental leave by taking shorter work weeks in order to ease herself into a balanced schedule. The second time around, she decided to take bigger chunks of time off to spend with her growing family. “Parental leave allows you to take time when you need it and bond with your new child,” says Sunny. Our parental leave policy lifts some of the financial and mental stress put on parents and allows them more precious time to spend with their kids. “SendGrid is great, and this extended parental leave is in line with the rest of our awesome benefits.”

If our culture here at SendGrid speaks to you and you’re interested in joining the team, please visit our Careers page. For an inside look at The Grid, be sure to take a peek inside our offices on The Muse.

Lauren Alworth
As a summer intern on the Content Marketing team at SendGrid, Lauren is slowly but surely getting her feet wet in the email marketing world. She studies Public Relations and English at Boston University. In her free time she can be found hiking, horseback riding, reading historical biographies, and using the Oxford comma.