Make Email Delivery Simple and Easy Using SendGrid [Video]

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So you’ve built this awesome app…what’s next? Chances are you’ll need some way to send email from your app to communicate with your users. SendGrid offers a number of APIs that power email-based features in applications. We also have the deliverability chops to ensure those messages dodge the spam folder. Check out our new video, and learn how SendGrid can help you reach your online community.

Ok, so you’ve built this awesome app which does all sorts of amazing things. Yeah! Everyone is super excited to use it and they all sign up. They wait eagerly for the confirmation email, but no confirmation arrives, so people go find the next big app.

What happened?

Well for this unlucky application, the emails went straight to the spam folder and it doesn’t stop there. Many of the important transactional emails your app is sending like

  • *friend requests
  • *event notifications
  • *shipping alerts
  • *purchase receipts
  • *and password reminders

may also be stopped by the spam folder. Without these communications, your users haven’t a clue how to interact with your application. Hey, before you know it, your app loses its mojo. See, the fact is, email is the backbone of every application it drives customer retention, satisfaction, and revenue. So how do you stop your ligament emails from being categorized to spam? Well, you could buy a bunch of servers, hire full time email delivery experts, and implement your own email delivery infrastructure. But with so much time, money, and complexity involved in email delivery, your emails may still hit the spam folder.

Make email delivery simple and easy using SendGrid. We’ll provide you with a cloud based SMTP email infrastructure that ensures your emails are reliably sent to your customers’ inbox. SendGrid does all the complicated work, including:

  • *ISP monitoring and deliverability expertise
  • *Monitoring your email reputation
  • *Providing you with a dictated IP address
  • *Actionable real-time analytics
  • *White labeling your IP address

SendGrid scales on demand and routinely delivers billions of emails every month. As your email volumes change, SendGrid adjusts dynamically to fit your needs. And with SendGrid’s SMTP and API integration options, your developers can now easily implement in minutes and create custom solutions to fit your company’s unique needs. Oh yeah, and if you need a hand, SendGrid’s experts are available by phone, email, or chat. Now you can focus your time building the next amazing app and let SendGrid take care of your email.

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