Whether you are developing or marketing an app, you may have long known the struggles of finding the best way of communicating with your audience outside of email. Texting might make sense at first, but as your business expands across the globe, texting/data fees and logistics makes things confusing. And expensive.

OTT messaging reduces the time, confusion, and expense of communicating with your users through your application. Over-the-top (OTT) allow users to transmit audio, video, and other media over the internet.

Well-known OTT messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and Skype leverage APIs that open a line of communication that allows users to make free phone calls or text messages without charges from their mobile service providers.

Using OTT in your app

Cloud platforms such as Twilio provide web service APIs that enable developers to easily make and receive text messages and calls. SendGrid is proud to be partnering with Twilio once again this year as Twilio rolls out its new product launch, Channels, that will continue to help developers integrate with these messaging systems.

Despite the growth in popularity of these networks over the past few years, developers find the fragmentation and variety of OTTs challenging to integrate into their applications. After developers have selected their OTTs, the next challenge is to handle the variations in their APIs and understand the capabilities that suit their business needs.

Twilio Channels Helps Integrate variations among OTT networks

Twilio Channels, announced at Signal 2017 (Twilio’s hosted developer conference), is the simplest way to integrate with over-the-top (OTT) messaging networks. Developers don’t need to worry about the variations that exist between the OTT networks because Channels ties together an integration path and support for leading OTT networks–with a click of the button.

Twilio Connected Services provides developers with support, APIs, and tools for integrating with the market leader in OTT messaging networks. Now developers have a one stop shop for the OTT messaging services integrations, and SendGrid is proud to be the first email provider listed on the platform. As a company, we think this is a great opportunity to stay true to our developer roots while strengthening our relationship with our partners.

To learn more about the Twilio/SendGrid partnership or read more about our other partnerships that help you build and scale your business, check out SendGrid’s Partner Marketplace.

Rebecca has been working in the tech space for the past 4 years and now is a proud member of SendGrid’s Product Team. Rebecca focuses on building products that help foster stronger relationships with best-of-breed technology partners and solution providers.