Many of you have have probably participated in X-Mas Gift Exchanges. If not, we should solve that! Here at SendGrid, we use Elfster and it works great. My friends and I have been doing an alcohol exchange recently.

I thought this was a simple problem to hack on and use some of the SendGrid features. So I did! I’ll try to explain all the steps that I took to create our exchange system.

First, I created a simple transactional template in SendGird’s Template Engine. Yes, the content is in Spanish 🙂

Notice that I have #recipient# in the content. That’s because I will be using Substitutions from the SMTP API.

Afterwards, I wrote very simple Python code using the sendgrid-python library. Here it is:

I want to highlight this specific line:

I don’t want my buddies to see who I’ve emailed, I wanted them to think I wrote individual emails. Using the SMTP API and specifying my recipients there, I get a carbon copy of each email delivered to each of them.

So there you have it! A simple secret santa using SendGrid! Happy Holidays!

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