With our mission to establish relationships with those innovating in the cloud services ecosystem, we’re excited to announce today our integration with Keen IO. Keen IO gives developers the tools they need to get up and running with a comprehensive analytics solution in minutes. Their REST APIs and cloud backend make it easy to collect, analyze, visualize, and share how customers are using your app.

Through our integration we have made it simple to send all of your SendGrid email events right into your Keen IO project alongside the rest of your app’s event data. All you have to do is enable SendGrid event notification and paste in your Keen IO project ID & key. You can find all the integration details in their docs.

Using the Keen IO platform and SendGrid’s Event Webhooks, you can easily pull and store all of your email event information. From there you can use Keen IO’s Data Analysis APIs and Data Visualization tools to pull all of the relevant data into your dashboard. You will be able to measure not only how many people read or clicked on your email links, but how many of them went on to make a purchase in your app!

SendGrid and Keen IO share the vision of making integrations easier for developers with powerful APIs to build email delivery and alerts into their applications without having to worry about the details of their infrastructure. This integration with Keen IO is exciting because the partnership will now make it easy for SendGrid and Keen IO customers to build a detailed conversion funnel from email to product.

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