We have updated this system and moved it, please check out our Code Workshop here.

Sometimes it’s easier to understand how something works by seeing it in action rather than by reading about it. To make it easier to explore what our API is capable of and let customers try out API calls without having to write code, we’ve created our API Workshop.

Ready to take it for a spin? Start by putting in your SendGrid credentials:

Then choose your API endpoint and method and fill in the parameters you would like to pass to that method. In the screenshot below, you can see the Get method for the Invalid Emails endpoint.

Once you’ve got your parameters set, click the “Try it!” button and you’ll be able to see the call that was made, the request headers, and the response headers.

That’s all there is to it! Feel free to mess around and make API calls. Keep in mind that these API calls are live, so if you make a call to delete something from a list, you’ll actually be deleting it. If you use the Mail.send endpoint, any messages sent will use credits from your account. We currently do not have API Workshop endpoints implemented for our Reseller and Subuser APIs, but we’ll be adding them soon.

The API Workshop is based on I/O Docs, an open source project from Mashery. Thanks for checking it out, and please let us know if you have any feedback!

SendGrid Team
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