This post is just one of many stocking stuffer treats that we’re dishing up in the month of December! Not ringing any (jingle) bells? Check out our first post here.

Why this is a gift:

Though the weather outside may be frightful, these first five Unread Mail episodes are completely delightful. These quick videos focused on a range of email marketing topics. So before you cozy up and jump back into Stranger Things or Black Mirror on Netflix, why not binge watch a little email marketing content first? Your email program, and probably your subscribers, will thank you!

How to use it:

These videos are full of best practices and inspiration to help you take your email program to the next level. This gift provides information on email metrics to watch, how to keep a clean email address list, and an example of an effective reengagement email. Click on either the link or video image to watch the full episodes.

Unread Mail: Basic Email Metrics: In this episode, we’re talking about email metrics and whether you want to see them as high or low numbers/percentages—delivered, clicks, click through rate, unsubscribes, spam reports, and bounces. Use these metrics to monitor the health of your email program.

Unread Mail: Your List: The email list is arguably the most important asset to any email marketer, and how you build and clean your list is mission critical to get right. We discuss types of opt-in to get people on your list and then the importance of removing unsubscribes, bounces, and unengaged recipients.

Unread Mail: A Subscriber-First Philosophy: Our resident email marketing expert Jill Guest shares her strategy on how she runs our email marketing program here at SendGrid. You can use her three-pillared approach to a subscriber-first philosophy by respecting recipient’s boundaries, making it a conversation, and being your recipient’s advocate within your company.

Unread Mail: The Reengagement Email: What do you do when a subscriber that was engaged at one time, goes radio silence on you? You send them a reengagement email! In this episode I share a reengagement email I recently received and run through a couple of the main reasons of why I think it’s a great example.

Unread Mail: A Look at the Global Email Benchmark Report: SendGrid’s head of the Nurture and Convert team Matt Rushing joins us as a guest for this episode. He and Warren discuss our recent release,The Global Email Benchmark Report, and how to use the benchmarks to compare your email program to the rest of your industry.

Kate Schmeisser
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