Today, the SendGrid Stocking Stuffer series comes bearing the gift of charming and effective welcome emails.

Once an email recipient demonstrates a desire to receive email communication from you or your brand (nice work!), what is it that you are going to say? First things first, welcome them! Our Email Marketing 101: The Welcome Email SlideShare breaks down the welcome email, as well as provides welcome email examples.

Why this is a gift:

The welcome email is an opportunity to set the tone for your email relationship, engage, and reinforce your brand in a friendly, conversational manner. If you nail the welcome email, your recipients won’t merely just agree to receive email from you–they will actually look forward to it!

If you’re new the email marketing, this gift covers all you need to know about how to welcome recipients into your email program. And even if you’ve already established a welcome email strategy, it never hurts to refresh yourself in order to optimize your welcome email strategy.

 How to use it:  

Email Marketing 101: The Welcome Email covers the basics of the welcome, as well as dives deep into the nuances of welcome emails including:

  • What is a welcome email?
  • When to send a welcome email
  • The difference between a welcome email and a confirmation post (spoiler: they’re not the same!)
  • Examples of welcome emails

The SlideShare also uncovers customer’s emotions and gives tips on how to appeal to your recipient’s logos (logic), pathos (trust), and ethos (emotion).

Equipping your email program with your best possible welcome email is a gift that you can use year round so jump in now!

Kelsey Bernius
As a senior content marketing manager at SendGrid, Kelsey oversees the SendGrid Delivery blog. Her downtime is dominated by either her mountain bike or skis (depending on current weather forecast)–and mixing up a salty marg afterward.