Anxious about all that holiday weight you’re about to gain from now until the end of the year? Put down that candy cane. It’s time to go on a content binge–of the email marketing variety–instead. Brought to you by SendGrid’s content elves; Kate, Warren, Jillian and myself, the SendGrid Stocking Stuffer Series spoons out our top 2016 content assets throughout December so you and your email program don’t miss a beat come 2017.

Today we unwrap our Stellar Email Marketing: A/B Testing and CTAs webinar. Hosted by Carly Brantz and Jillian Wohlfarth, the two discuss how you can make the most of  A/B testing and CTAs–two decisive components of your email program.

Why this is a gift

This webinar breaks down some of the most useful variables to A/B test as well as how to perfect your CTA. Performing effective A/B testing provides the data points and insight you need to make informed decisions about your email marketing programs so that you can drive improvements, conversion, and, ultimately, revenue. And mastering your CTA development and execution increases brand engagement and helps you convert even more recipients.

Ready to jump right in? Listen to the webinar on demand now. Need a warm up first? Here’s more of a sampling of what you will learn in the webinar:

  • A/B testing explanation as well as how to build your own test
  • Possible variables to test in your A/B testing
  • How to craft artfully persuasive CTAs
  • Key CTA placement
  • How to keep the message short and sweet

The tips above are only the beginning of mastering A/B testing and writing CTAs, so dive in now to this stellar stocking stuffer for some out of this world content. Want to indulge even more? Look out for the next stocking stuffer and in case you missed Day 1, check it out here. There’s no guilt on gorging yourself on email marketing content!

Kelsey Bernius
As a senior content marketing manager at SendGrid, Kelsey oversees the SendGrid Delivery blog. Her downtime is dominated by either her mountain bike or skis (depending on current weather forecast)–and mixing up a salty marg afterward.