We’re getting down to the last few days of the SendGrid Stocking Stuffer series and we’ve saved some of our best content for last!

Today, I’m happy to share the Global Email Benchmark Report as our latest content gift. This report was the first-ever email data report released by SendGrid that includes analysis of almost 30 billion emails to over 1.5 billion recipients.

Data like this is invaluable to anyone who is working in email. Senders want to know if all of their efforts are paying off and how they stack up against others in their same industry. With this data, you can easily determine how well your email program compares to the standard and identify areas that might need some tweaking.

Why This is a Gift

But this report is so much more than numbers. In addition to data from Victor Amin and Aaron Beach of our Big Data Team, our expert Email Delivery Consulting Team and our own set of SendGrid email marketers added takeaways and tips for how to use this report to assess and improve your email program. You can use their insights to think of new tests to implement that could make a significant impact on your email engagement.

The report analyzes 25 industries and includes the location, gender, and device used by recipients. In addition to gender and device analysis, it includes open, click, click to open rate, and monthly send rate as well.

How to Use It

There is so much interesting data that may surprise you, or help affirm the decisions you’re making. (Who doesn’t love a report that can help validate their decisions to their boss??) There are a bunch of nuggets that I found super interesting in the report and I thought I’d share 3 of them with you here to get you excited to dive in:

Dating Sites

With 53% of recipients being male, (vs. 47% female) it seems that men are on the market and looking for love a little more than women and with an average monthly send rate of 14.7, they’re also receiving dating emails at an above average rate. Our average engagement stats show that industries are sending about 9.8 emails per month. And with 57% of engagement happening on mobile, dating sites are also one of the most on-the-go email senders.


Since we’re in the busy holiday season, perhaps it’s not so surprising to see that retail emails showed very healthy open and click rates. With a 43.8% open rate and 30.4% click rate, retail has the highest open to click rate of all industries (30.3%). This makes me think that retailers are being very smart with their subject lines and they’re following through with their promise in their offers. Well done!


As a recent purchaser of a Fitbit (who is now finding any excuse to get up and walk!), I’m perhaps not surprised to see that health/fitness recipients skew female by a landslide! 62% vs. 38% for male recipients. And even though the industry sends at a fairly high monthly send rate (9.6x), they have a healthy open rate of 36.6%. So fitness apps are also delivering on the content they’re providing. I for one, love the progress reports I receive from my fitness apps, especially if I’m in competition with someone! It will be interesting to see if these numbers spike up with New Years resolutions come January.

These are just a handful of the insights you can find in the Global Email Benchmark Report—the team had a lot of fun putting it together and diving into the takeaways. We hope that you’ll do the same and that reading the report will give you some great new tests to try come 2017!

Jillian Smith
As Twilio SendGrid's Sr. Director of Content, Jillian is responsible for ensuring that SendGrid provides valuable thought leadership content through the blog, whitepapers, webcasts, and more. When not writing and editing, you can find Jillian frequenting Denver restaurants in search of the best queso.