Despite the stress, excitement (ok maybe just more stress), and ambitious schedules we’ve committed to this holiday season, it’s actually an ideal time to slow down and reflect on your email program. And since it’s the season of giving, it’s time to give the people on your email list some love and consideration. SendGrid’s Email Marketing 101 SlideShare: Who are You Emailing? allows you to give the gift of respect and consideration to your recipients during this holiday season and beyond.

Why this is a gift:

First things first–do you know how the people on your email list ended up there? If you haven’t built your email list organically (or stepped into a role in which you’re unsure about the email collection methods on your inherited list), at best, your sender reputation is at risk. At worst, you’re damaging your brand, agitating your users, and getting tossed into the spam folder by both humans and ISPs.

Reviewing and applying tips from Who are You Emailing? will rejuvenate your list health while increasing engagement. You’ll review important email collection concepts such as:

  • The types of recommended opt-in
  • Where to place your opportunities to opt-in
  • How to be mindful of email exhaustion

How to use it:

Use this SlideShare as a check-in on the health of your email list and engagement levels. Always keep in mind the people on the other end of the email address before you make any decision or change to your email program. They’re stressed-out, time-crunched people just like you. The more you respect their time and preferences the more likely they are to engage and respect your brand back!

Check out the SlideShare now! 

Kelsey Bernius
As a senior content marketing manager at SendGrid, Kelsey oversees the SendGrid Delivery blog. Her downtime is dominated by either her mountain bike or skis (depending on current weather forecast)–and mixing up a salty marg afterward.