When we bring interns onto the SendGrid team (“Gridterns”), we want them to have an experience unlike any other. Our Gridterns aren’t making copies or going on donut runs for the office—they’re working on critical projects and treated as full-fledged members of the team.

SendGrid’s HR Program Manager, Emily Staebell, says our program is mutually beneficial for both our Gridterns and SendGrid as a whole, especially as we continue to grow. We offer interns real-life work experience to help further their careers, while they provide us innovation and insight.

“It’s important that we continue to diversify the way we think. Interns bring fresh perspective and are empowered to challenge the status quo.”

Our internship program thrives with a smaller number of interns as we continue to place emphasis on quality over quantity. It’s about not only fitting into our 4H culture, but what each individual intern can bring to their respective team and SendGrid as a whole.

“We look for brilliant, enthusiastic, and all-around 4H interns, who undoubtedly have a positive and contagious effect on SendGrid’s culture,” says Emily.

“We’re all grateful to have the opportunity to connect with young talent, give them exposure to their specific areas, and integrate them into the SendGrid family.”

Here’s what some of our Gridterns have to say about their summer with SendGrid:

Jessy Sweet – Product Marketing Intern

Jessy joins us hot off her junior year at University of Colorado – Colorado Springs where she studies information systems. From creating an influencer engagement strategy tool to helping revamp our customer  interview framework, Jessy has had her hands full with several different product marketing projects this summer. “SendGrid did an amazing job of making sure my workload lined up with what I want to do professionally,” Jessy says.

Of our 4H culture, she says Happy and Hungry were immediately apparent to her. “Everyone here is so passionate, so driven and ambitious. People are focused on not only achieving personal goals, but overall team and company goals as well.”

We’re sad to see Jessy go back to school in the fall, but we see nothing but the sweetest things on the horizon for her. Good luck, Jessy!

Cody Clark – Technical Writing Intern

Cody, SendGrid’s resident clarinet enthusiast, joins us from Cedarville University in Ohio. Cody loves the collaborative environment and sense of community here at SendGrid. “There’s a lot of feedback here,” says Cody. “People communicate directly about things we’re doing well, and things we could be doing better.”

This summer Cody was responsible for creating and updating our documentation, and creating a workflow for our Inbound Parse Webhook. The biggest lesson Cody learned during his time with SendGrid? How to prioritize based on quality, not quantity. “I’ve learned to work really hard on what matters and do a good job instead of trying to get as much done as possible.”

Thanks for working so hard this summer Cody, and we hope you enjoy your senior year back in Ohio. Good luck, Cody!

Stefany Maldonado – Software Engineering Intern

A Denver native, Stefany is heading into her senior year at Metropolitan State University of Denver where she studies computer science. During her summer with SendGrid, Stefany was able to take the initiative and teach herself as much as possible about the Go programming language and other coding concepts. SendGrid’s programming language and other coding concepts. “An internship at SendGrid means controlling your own experience, you’re in charge of your responsibilities and the way you learn,” she says.

She’s picked up some skills this summer that she hasn’t even learned in school yet, but she’s not getting ahead of herself. Stefany has adopted the Humble H into her everyday life here at SendGrid. “No matter what level ‘Gridders are, everyone has something to teach,” she says. “I’m aware that there is always something to learn or improve on.”

We know our time with Stefany has to come to an end, but we’re hoping she can stop by the office this fall to say hello in between classes. Good luck, Stefany!

Peter Zujko – Software Engineering Intern

East-coaster Peter comes to SendGrid from Rochester Institute of Technology where he studies computer science. He works with different programming languages and software to provide behind-the-scenes help to keep SendGrid’s customer accounts running smoothly. Peter was surprised (in a great way) by the fast-paced yet welcoming environment here at SendGrid, saying “I never felt like an intern who was just shoved in the corner, I’m completely part of the team.”

Peter loves having the opportunity to take initiative with projects instead of waiting for instruction, especially after being told by his manager “It’s okay to break the rules sometimes!” He wants to encourage everyone to apply to be an intern at SendGrid, “it’s totally awesome!”

It’s been a blast having Peter on The Grid and we’re sad to see him go, but so happy he chose to join SendGrid for the summer! Good luck, Peter!

Does SendGrid sound like the place for you? Visit our Careers page to view our current openings. For an inside look at The Grid, be sure to take a peek inside our offices on The Muse.

Lauren Alworth
As a summer intern on the Content Marketing team at SendGrid, Lauren is slowly but surely getting her feet wet in the email marketing world. She studies Public Relations and English at Boston University. In her free time she can be found hiking, horseback riding, reading historical biographies, and using the Oxford comma.