In August, we celebrated the 32nd anniversary of email by releasing some unique email statistics from our data set here at SendGrid. We shared email open rates by device and region and predictions on the future of app-generated email, spam filtering, and email quality.

Now, we’d like to share some more specifics focused on email opened in Europe. Collected over two 10-day periods in 2013 and 2014, this SendGrid data set spans more than 8 billion emails sent by over 125,000 companies.

Here are some highlights from the data shared by our team:

Tablet usage for emailing continues to increase with Belgium, Germany, and Holland leading the way.

Tablet usage for opening email is growing fastest in:

  • 87% in Belgium
  • 85% in Germany
  • 80% in the Netherlands

Globally, nearly 70 million SendGrid-delivered emails were opened on the iPad in the past year, an increase of 65% on SendGrid’s 2013 figures.

In the UK, iPhone dominates, but the iPad is catching up quickly.

In the UK, SendGrid’s largest European market by emails delivered, just under half (46%) of SendGrid-delivered email is opened on the iPhone. It is, however, losing ground to iPad usage, with iPhone-opened email falling by 13% and email opened on the iPad growing by 55%. iPad now accounts for 18% of email opened in the UK.

Spanish, Germans, and the French are turning to the iPhone quicker than any other nationality.

Email opened on the iPhone has increased YOY by:

  • 97% in Spain
  • 92% in Germany
  • 85% in France

This is compared to global iPhone email open growth at 70%. This shows the growing popularity of the iPhone in these markets.

Android is plateauing in the UK, but becoming more popular in Belgium, France, and Turkey.

Android usage for email dropped in the UK by 31% in the past year. This contrasts with significant YOY increases in email opened on Android in Belgium, France, and Turkey:

  • Belgium (+89%)
  • France (+65%)
  • Turkey (+54%).

Globally, email opened on Android fell by 4%.

Windows sees major gains in France and around the world, but Apple dominates overall.

Windows is surging in popularity in France, accounting for 85% of SendGrid-delivered emails opened in the country. Email opens on Windows have grown more than ten-fold in France over the past year.

Windows-based devices are the fastest growing segment for SendGrid-delivered email opens globally.  320 million emails were opened on Windows devices in the last year, accounting for a 147% increase over the previous year.

However, people read more email on Apple-manufactured devices than any other device or platform.  Mac desktops, Macbooks, iPhones and iPads were used to open 358 million SendGrid-delivered emails in the last year, compared to 320 million emails on Windows.

To read more findings from SendGrid’s global email study, read the official release here.

Aaron Beach is a data scientist with experience in email services, energy systems, privacy, social networks, mobile apps, natural language processing, recommendation systems and Big Data. He has a PhD in Computer Science and has published over 25 research papers.