We are excited to announce a partnership with FeedHenry, a leading enterprise-grade mobile-backend-as-a-service (mBaaS) platform. Based in Dublin, Ireland, FeedHenry’s cloud-based Mobile Application Development Platform includes key features for developers and enterprises to develop, integrate, deploy and manage mobile applications.

FeedHenry helps enterprises create mobile apps that receive and send data to multiple enterprise backend systems, enabling the enterprise to offer secure mobile data access for their customers, partners and employees. Developers can securely connect to multiple backend systems and deploy server-side code to private, public or hybrid cloud environments.

From the FeedHenry platform, developers and enterprises can now easily install and integrate email into their mobile applications with SendGrid’s simple API interface. With their open architecture based on Node.js and a variety of APIs, FeedHenry makes it possible to have rapid integration, secure connections and management of the apps and endpoints.

Our partnership with FeedHenry is the latest step in integrating with leading mBaaS platforms. FeedHenry’s mobile developers and enterprises will now easily be able to build email delivery and alerts into their applications without having to worry about delivery rates, spam folders, ISP blacklists or scaling to meet high user volume, freeing them to build great applications.

This partnership aligns with our strategy to make SendGrid email broadly available to developers and enterprises, easy to access and simple to deploy, regardless of what cloud services development teams are building with. FeedHenry builds upon this strategy by making mobile development easy for developers and enterprises alike by extending the core functionality of their platform with leading, trusted third party web services like SendGrid.

“The partnership with SendGrid offers enterprises and developers access to powerful email functionality for their mobile apps,” states Cathal McGloin, CEO, FeedHenry. “Our cloud Mobile Application Platform supports rapid and secure integration with essential third party cloud services such as SendGrid. As organizations launch increasing numbers of mobile apps, the ability to tailor their email programs to meet the needs of their customers and employees is hugely valuable.”

By helping developers and enterprises get to market faster with fewer development resources, the FeedHenry enterprise-grade mBaaS platform offers an invaluable resource. We are excited to join FeedHenry in making the mobile development process more efficient and successful for both developers and enterprises.

SendGrid Team
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