In an effort to extend support and resources to our customers, SendGrid is pleased to announce a partnership with matchist. Matchist, a curator of technical experts, focuses on matching entrepreneurs to the right freelance developers to complete projects such as API integrations—and matchist brings first-hand experience using SendGrid to deliver and track thousands of their emails.

Developers on the matchist platform are vetted for skill, experience, and ability to communicate clearly with non technical customers. They’re passionate about working with new technologies to help entrepreneurs build amazing web and mobile apps.

With this partnership, matchist brings their experience using SendGrid’s email infrastructure to non-technical customers to make sure that the customers’ ideas for using SendGrid APIs can get set up quickly and that the right developer is recommended for an integration.

We’re excited about the opportunity that the partnership with matchist provides. Our customers will now have access to leading technical expertise to build powerful and innovative integrations with SendGrid APIs allowing them to effectively tailor their email programs to meet their business needs.

Erika Berkland is the Partner Marketing Manager at SendGrid. Her background is in both emerging technology and global corporations where she thrives in working with partners to deliver impactful and measurable marketing programs. Outside of SendGrid, Erika enjoys spending time outdoors with all the great activities Colorado has to offer.