Today we take a moment to recognize the completion of our company’s first year in business and, more importantly, show our appreciation to those who made it possible.

Last August, our three co-founders officially “graduated” from the TechStars – Boulder class of 2009.  Last week, a new crop of companies emerged from the stage of the Boulder Theater – ready to take on the world.

As those 11 companies look forward to their first and formative years of operation, we look back – and in doing so, we feel very fortunate that we not only “survived”, but performed very well against our long list of company goals.

Some major milestones:

Since our co-founders rarely surface from their laptops for air, we decided to give them a chance to  comment on their experience during the first year of operations at SendGrid…

“Putting together an awesome team has been quite challenging.  I’m really proud of the current SendGrid team and how fast we keep innovating in the email space.  Great things should be expected from our team in the next year.  We are also hiring!”

— Isaac Saldana, co-founder & CEO

“Wait, what? Its been a year already?  Time flies when you enjoy solving problems.  Next year will be no different.  Love the team, love SendGrid, hate spam.”

— Jose Lopez, co-founder & front-end engineer

“I’m still surprised at how quickly things have grown. One year ago there were just three of us and a handful of customers; now the team is pushing 20 and customers are in the thousands. I’m looking forward to another great year.”

— Tim Jenkins, co-founder & CTO

While the first year as a startup may be the most difficult, we’ve learned that things are much easier with the support of incredible people. That’s why we are eager to take this opportunity to thank all of the mentors, advisers, investors, friends, and (most of all) our customers — all of whom have played a critical role in helping us reach this point in our journey.

To everyone:

We sincerely thank you and look forward to your continued support in our quest to improve the way businesses use email.

To the TechStars class of 2010:

Remember to always leverage (and appreciate) the input from the people who want to see you succeed.

And, as Isaac so eloquently concludes each of our weekly staff meetings: Continue kicking ass!

SendGrid Team
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