We are showing developers some love by expediting the API integration process and releasing a new C# library.

Not only do we love developers, but we’re always listening and working to make our products as easy to integrate and use as possible. Over the last few months, we worked closely with our community to develop, and now release, new interactive v3 API documentation, a streamlined set-up flow to expedite integration, and a new C# library supporting .NET Standard 1.3.

Interactive v3 API Documentation

For developers investigating, integrating, and troubleshooting their integration with the SendGrid API, the new interactive v3 API documentation is easier to use and expedites end-to-end integration time. You can now call every endpoint in the API directly from the browser, so you can see your data in the requests and responses before you write a single line of code. Then, when you are ready to start testing code, you can copy/paste the code from the call you just made from the “Try It” page. All of these great features, along with contextual search and clear, as well as color-coordinated formatting allow for easy scanning and quick solution identification. The interactive documentation is driven by the Open API 2.0 specification of our API.

Streamlined Onboarding Flow with Set-up Guide

We’ve made the developer sign-up experience faster than ever with our sign-up onboarding workflow. We added a step-by-step set-up guide that drives users to set up and test integrations for SMTP or Web API including each of our 7 code language snippets. The set-up guide is also accessible from the dashboard and Account Details for easy reference. Integrate and deliver with SendGrid in 5 minutes or less!

New C# Library Supporting .NET Standard

Microsoft is making big moves towards .NET Core and we have decided to make sure our C# library is ready when and if you decide to start rewriting your code. Our new library is .NET Standard 1.3 compliant, so that our library works with C# 4.5.2 and up. We worked closely with our community to ensure that our library would be a welcomed addition to your code base for sending all of your email. Our new C# Mail Helper can handle every email configuration that you can throw at it, from the most basic “Hello, World!” all the way to our Kitchen Sink, which includes every single feature available for email senders.

As we continue to focus on optimizing our developer experience, we hope you continue to engage with us in our community.  If you’re just getting started with the SendGrid API, check out the SendGrid Knowledge Center API Reference.

As a Senior Product Marketing Manager at SendGrid, Lindsey works cross-functionally to bring new products and features to market. Acting as the voice of the customer, Lindsey works with our engineering, product, marketing, sales, and support teams to ensure that customer needs are met and that SendGrid continues to deliver on our promise of enabling customers to send with confidence.